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The Dorset Ghost Investigators – 120 Ghost hunting episodes completed.

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Welcome to our website and we hope you enjoy your stay. Three years ago we formed the Dorset Ghost Investigators. We are two men who set ourselves on a mission to find out if ghosts really do exist, three years later and that passion to find out the truth is even stronger. The mission has now turned into an obsession as we get deeper and deeper into the paranormal field.

Dorset Ghost investigators have investigated some of the most haunted locations in England such as Pendle Hill, Dudley Castle, Corfe Castle, Nothe Fort and so many more locations that have had reported paranormal activity. We have now completed over 120 episodes becoming one of the most watched paranormal teams on the internet with over 40 million video views on our Dorset Ghost Investigators YouTube channel.
We hope you enjoy your stay on our website and why not pop over on our new forum to say hello. We look forward to reading your comments and becoming part of the #Dorsetghost Family. The DGIfamily is a term we came up with for our fans on our Facebook, 
 Twitter and YouTube, as over the years our fans have proven to us that they are the best fans in the world, to us they are more more like family, the Dorset Ghost Investigators family that have stuck with us not only during the good times but also the bad times aswell. Thank You to everyone for all the support, and we hope you enjoy the new website.




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23 Responses to “Dorset Ghost Investigators

  • Thanks for all your effort. This is fabulous. Now you/ we no longer need to put up with the shenanigans of those who are jealous. Continued Great Success to you!

  • Brilliant, I am so looking foreward to see what you guys will be doing in the years ahead!

  • Hi guys glad you have overcome stupid people and have now got your own website. I cant wait to see new videos, you guys are awesome and im glad their is a big DGI family out there :) X

  • Glad to see your nearly there :) Looking forward to some new videos :) #DGIfamily are holding their breath! :D

  • Awesome job Glen & Ahmed! I love the Haunted Canada, etc. lists, very cool! Here’s to the DGI family continuing to grow. CHEERS!

  • Congrats to you both on your new web HOME!

  • This is looking great guys! So pleased it’s all coming together! Looking forward to more from you both!:)

  • After all the hassle on youtube it is great to see you guys with your new website..looking forward to more axcellent investigations.

  • I’m so happy for you both and your new website. I’m even happier for me because I have missed
    you guys and your videos. Thanks for making my day!! Love Ya

  • It looks really good guys, love all of the information provided too. Can’t wait for you to start releasing your investigations again.

  • Great! There’s so much stuff here already!

  • Nice job fellas! This is looking amazing, keep up the hard work. Can’t wait to see the new investigations!!

  • Yay! I am so happy, the site looks great. Can hardly wait for the new episodes, Love from Australia!

  • I am made up you’s have finally got your website up & running! This is fantastic news and look forward to going over your site. Well done guy’s, I knew yez wouldnt give up! Best newz i’ve had in a while!!!

  • Great looking website. Can’t way to see some new investigations. Let’s hope the problems that beset you are over at last.

  • GL guys wish you all the best \

  • YAY! Guys I’m soo glad your website is finished!!! Bye Bye Youtube and Hellow ‘TV’ =D!
    It looks really great and YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

  • This looks GREEEAT!! :-D

  • Congratulations with the new website! Can’t wait to watch new episodes!

  • Great site! I like it.

  • hey guys im so glad your back, the website is brilliant cant wit to watch more ghost hunts and congrates on getting this far…you must visit redditch and do a few ghost hunts ;)

  • Thank You for all the comments. We’re going to be turning off the comments now for the homepage but you can continue to send us your support on our forum. Thank You.

    Dorset Ghost Investigators.